Fresh Cut Flowers Shipped || Dahlia Farmers Mix

Fresh Cut Flowers Shipped || Dahlia Farmers Mix


Welcome to Dahlia Season 2022! Our first dahlias are here and we couldn't be more thrilled! Each box will contain 20 stems of our gorgeous dahlias in eye-popping colors! It is enough to decorate your home and then give a few to some friends! Celebrate the beginning of dahlia season!

Comes with a packet of flower food that we recommend using to keep them looking as fresh as possible and aids to extend their vase life.

Vase life: 2-4 days

** PLEASE READ: Dahlias are arguably some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, but that beauty is short lived. If you are looking for flowers to last you a week or more, then this is not the purchase for you.  2-4 days is common in a vase, so plan your arrival date carefully if they are for an event, and make sure to paint them, photograph them, or just enjoy them fully within a day or two of their arrival.  We will provide a packet of flower food to help elongate their vase life, but it's important that you have someone receive them immediately upon arrival and get them into a clean vase with a fresh cut to ensure best performance.  Clean your vases with a disinfectant such as bleach to  prevent bacteria/fungal bloom.**

Remember to always give your vase a good cleaning and fill with fresh water before adding your flowers. Give your flowers a fresh cut before placing in water. Allow them to hydrate for about 6 hours before arranging. Click here for more info on keeping your flowers their freshest. 

Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions for Shipped flowers.

*** Please double check that you are entering the correct address for yourself or recipient. Flowers are non-refundable for orders that were shipped to the incorrect/invalid address.

 ***Non-flower products purchased with flowers WILL NOT be shipped/overnighted with your flowers and will be sent via USPS.

***Flower availability will be updated each Friday at Noon

***If ordering for multiple destinations, you will need to place a separate order for each address. Same with ordering different arrival dates, or we'll default to the latter date!

***Each bundle comes with an extra dahlia just in case any get damaged in shipping.