We offer a 10% discount on shipped flowers and tax exemption for all of our wholesale customers!  This applies to all of the flowers you see on our retail shipping page.  There is no separate list for wholesale customers.

To apply for your tax exemption and a wholesale discount to use with shipping orders, please complete the form below.  We will follow up with an email providing instructions for the wholesale order process.

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Thanks for your interest!

Rachel, Wholesale Manager for 3 Porch Farm



Hardy Evergreens (Excludes shipping to CA, AL, HI)

We also ship Elaeagnus ebbingei 'Cherry Eleagnus' and Osmanthus fragrans 'Tea Olive' within the U.S. (except for CA, AL, HI). Our shipping season varies, but is generally May through November.

Eleagnus is sold in bundles of 100 lineal feet for $87.50. They average 3-4' long each, but can range from 30" to 9' long. The occasional thorn can be found on the vines but are not much of an issue, especially if you wear light gloves.

Tea Olive branches are about 24" long and we sell 50 stems per bundle for $67.50 each. 

We have deeply discounted express shipping for both products and they both hold up extremely well to heat and lack of water making them perfect for foam-free installs even in the middle of Summer's heat. For further inquiries or order requests, please contact Steve at 3porchfarm@gmail.com and put ELEAGNUS or TEA OLIVE in all caps in the subject line.