We've included answers to some frequently asked questions below.  Don't see an answer related to your question? Please email us at 3porchfarm@gmail.com.

  • Q: What is your return policy?
    • A: Our flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and healthy.  If damage happens in transport, we will replace or refund.   We are not responsible for neglect or theft after package has been delivered or if the wrong address was entered. Flowers are non-refundable for orders that were shipped to the incorrect/invalid address.
  • Q: What to do if your box/flowers are damaged upon arrival?
    • A: Some flowers may need to rehydrate for 12-24 hours after shipping.  If there is obvious damage though, take a photo of the flowers and the box (if damaged) and send us an email with the images.
    • Q: Can I place an order for weekend delivery?
      • A: No, but our flowers are so fresh that you can use flowers received on a weekday for a weekend event with no problem. Wednesday and Friday are the days you can receive our flowers.
    • Q: Can I order far in advance?
      • A: Currently no but we are working towards making this available!
    • Q: I ordered two bunches of flowers for different arrival dates because one wasn't available on the day I wanted. Is there a way to combine my orders into one box?
      • Yes. We will default both orders to the later shipment date to make sure we can get the flowers for you. If you need them for the earlier ship date, you must email rachel@3porchfarm.com as soon as possible to make sure we can accommodate the request.
    • Q: How long will my flowers last?
      • A:  We ship only the freshest flowers and always priority overnight, so they arrive as fast as possible allowing you to get them quickly back into water to give you the maximum vase life possible. Check the expected vase life of each flower variety in the product description for more specifics.
    • Q: Can I cancel my order?
      • A:  Your order can be canceled if you notify us 2 days in advance of your arrival date.  If your arrival date is Wednesday, you must let us know by Monday. If it is Friday, you must let us know by Wednesday. Please put “CANCEL MY ORDER” in the subject line of your email.
    • Q: Can I request certain colors?
      • A: Requests for certain colors can be made in the notes section, but they are NOT guaranteed. We try and give you many different color options with the flowers that we offer, but with being such a small staff, we are unable to do specialized orders for every individual.
    • Q: I had items in my cart and came back later to pay for them and they were gone. Why is that?
      • Shopify (our commerce website provider) will not allow you to hold items in your cart until you begin payment. Via Shopify "Inventory is only held for a customer during the actual payment processing period, not during any other time. Once the customer has gone through most of the checkout process and attempts to pay, Shopify will check all the products in the cart to ensure they are still in stock and hold them while the customer pays. There wouldn't be any apps that can override this because the checkout is protected and not able to be edited in any way." To avoid this from happening, we recommend creating an account with us to avoid having to reenter your shipping information and therefore speeding up the checkout process so that items don't get booted from your cart! You can create an account by clicking here!
    • Q: Can I visit the farm/do a farm tour?
      • A: The farm is not open to the public. The only portion of our farm is our brick and mortar Farm Store. You can learn more about shopping our Farm Store and Farm Store hours by Clicking Here
    • Q: Are you hiring?
      • A:  We have very low turnover at the farm, so we rarely hire new employees, but you are always free to leave a resume in case something comes up. 
    • Q: Can I volunteer?
      • A:  We highly value our employees and the skillsets that they bring to our farm.  While volunteer work is well-intentioned, it is never as skilled as an experienced farm worker’s, nor is it fair in our minds to take away potential wages from our employees. We appreciate the generous sentiment, but feel community gardens and non profit orgs are generally a better fit for volunteers.
    • Q: Do you offer consultations?
      • A:  We do not offer consulations.
    • Q: How to best send a gift?
      • A:  We advise ensuring your recipient will be home and even signing up for SMS or email alerts with Fedex when we send you your tracking number.  That way you can notify your recipient the moment the flowers arrive!
    • Q: I'm sending a gift.  Will the price of it be included in the box?
      • No, many of our products are sent as gifts, so we don't ever include any financial information on our packing slips.
    • Q: Do you make custom orders/bouquets?
      • A:  We do not do custom orders. 
    • Q: Sometimes your flowers sell out before I can get them.  How can I get a bundle?                                                                                      
               A: You can join our email list to get notified of when we start to list them.  You'll be invited to join the mailing list at this link: https://3porchfarm.com
              To be fair to everyone, we sell everything first come first serve and list all flowers the week before shipping on Thursday evenings.  We often update our availability on Tuesday and Thursday as harvests come in and we see that more inventory can be added.  So, if you miss one opportunity, you can get a few more chances. We announce these inventory updates to our email list, so that is the best way to get first dibs on any flowers we sell.  Do note that Items in cart are not reserved until checkout is complete.
    • Q: Do you offer bulk buckets of flowers and greenery for DIY bouquets for weddings/events?
    • Q: Why can't you ship mum cuttings or other plants to CA?
        • California has quarantines against any rooted plant shipped in from GA due to the European Corn Borer and pathogenic nematodes being found in GA. The only way around that quarantine would be to forfeit our organic practices and dip them in conventional pesticides and we are not willing to do that.  You may be able to find a provider from outside of GA that is not subject to a statewide quarantine.
      • Q: Why don't you ship flowers to CA?
          • A:  The Ag economy in CA is tremendous and any potential threat at the border is understandably taken very seriously. As organic growers, there is every chance that we’ll have some tiny form of life on our flowers (that’s how it’s supposed to be) and the CA Dept of Ag. will stop the package, inspect it, send samples to a lab, wait a few days (not in water) and then either trash them, or send them along to the destination many days late and possibly dead.  The only way around this for us, would be to spray our flowers with insecticides, which we will not do.  Fortunately there are lots of amazing flower farmers in CA.  Find your local growers!
        • Q: I planted my dahlias in a pot on the patio in GA and they didn't flower much.  If I plant in June like you suggest, will they bloom this year?
          •  A: Pots tend to heat up more than the earth, because the ratio of surface  area to volume is much higher, putting added stress on an already heat stressed plant. Being on the patio only compounds that heat effect even worse. They are kinda in a little oven, on a bigger oven.  Our varieties can handle GA heat in a garden, but I'm not surprised they didn't produce when exposed to 2 more layers of heat.  If you have any option to get them in the ground and away from radiant concrete heat or radiant heat from walls, you'll have greater success.

                I don't recommend it, but If pots are your only option, you'd want to make sure it's a very big pot/planter and that the tubers are not placed  anywhere near the edge.  If the pots are dark in color, the heat effect only  gets worse.
                 Spring planted dahlias in GA get huge fast and then soak up heat stress and pest pressure for months.  Come Fall when they are supposed to produce, they are too sick and tired to do much.  
                  Planting late sidesteps a lot of that stress.  They will be smaller, but they  will be healthier in September when flowering really takes off for them.
                   Every garden/farm has its own unique attributes, so I can't tell you exactly what'll work best for you, but take all that info i just gave you and use it to create your strategy and see what works.  Maybe try two different approaches this year and see what works best. That way you have even more information for your location to grow more successfully next year.
        • Q: I want to start a flower farm.  What do you recommend?
          • A:  Join ASCFG.org and avoid reinventing the wheel.  It’s an incredible resource for flower farmers new and old.  Also, work on someone else’s farm for at least a year before making the commitment.  It’s harder than you think.  Not sundresses and frolicking like instagram. Mostly toil and biting insects.
        • Q: Can I do a photo shoot of your flower fields?
                      We harvest all of our flowers before they open, so it's not what people                      imagine when they think of a flower farm. Most of our flowers are grown                    in greenhouses that are bio controlled to prevent people from unwittingly                  bringing diseases in on their clothes/shoes, so non-staff are not allowed                    inside. The botanical gardens would be a more appropriate venue if you                    are looking for open flowers.  All production farms need to cut their                            flowers early or they won't be marketable.  Alternatively you'd need to                      find an agribusiness focused flower farm and I don't know of any in the                    Southeast offhand.