Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our motto has always been “Principles Before Profits”.

The most sustainable way to buy flowers is always from your local organic grower and we encourage you to find yours.  The need for shipping at times though is undeniable and the shipping options for truly sustainable flowers are minimal at best, so we saw an opportunity to provide that option for people who want to minimize their impact.  We are excited to provide the most sustainable option possible for shipped flowers in the U.S.!

Most shipped flowers come from international sites that add thousands of miles worth of transport and carbon emissions to your purchase.  Heavily laden with pesticides that are often illegal in the United States they tend to poison ecosystems and farm workers.  To get through U.S. customs, flowers are often fumigated with pesticides in big trucks or dipped directly into vats of pesticides to ensure no foreign pests are alive on them.  Needless to say, that is all terrible for the planet, workers, and the consumer.  Now you don’t have to support that!

Our flowers are grown right here in Georgia, harvested fresh, and shipped directly to the end user.  Not only are they better for the planet, but significantly fresher and longer lasting too!  "Farm Fresh Flowers" is often a misleading term, since they tend to have more passport stamps than you do, but in this case, it's exactly what you are getting.

Our flowers are grown with only organic certified fertilizers and our pest control is done with organic certified plant and fungal derivatives or with beneficial insects.  Not only are they safer for you, but they don’t harm our employees, pollinators, the soil, air, or waterways.

Our flowers are chilled and processed in facilities that are powered with over 150 solar panels supplying all the energy that we use, plus producing a lot of extra energy to feed back into the grid.  AND as of Spring of 2021, we are now providing carbon neutral shipping on all our products by purchasing Carbon Offsets through Pachama.  Every mile is accounted for based on tracking numbers from every sale on our website and rounded up by 1.5X, so that we cover every last molecule of carbon and then some!

Most shipped flowers are packaged with a lot of plastic, foam, and swag that end up in the trash, furthering the environmental impact of your purchase.  We use paper tape, recyclable boxes, post consumer paper packaging, paper towels instead of sponges, and plant based plastic baggies to keep stems wet.  All of which can be composted or recycled.  Even our shipping labels and stickers are compostable and printed with soy-based inks.

Our farm vehicles run on recycled vegetable oil to further diminish our Carbon footprint.  Even our chainsaws use canola oil instead of petroleum based oil.

And sustainability is about people too.  Our workers are paid a living wage, kept on staff year round, and are part of our family.  They are included in decision making processes, given time off whenever needed, and are given bonuses when sales are good. The goal is to create as much good as possible through our business and to share that however we can, so when you support us, you support all of these efforts at doing right by people and planet.