Bulk Botanicals



  • Dates of Availability for 2023: March 1st-May 20th + September 1st-October 14th. No buckets are available May 21st-August 30th (no flowers are grown).
  • Pricing: Spring dates are $80/bucket. Fall dates are $110/bucket. Fall dates are more expensive because dahlias are the dominant fall flower and is a more expensive, labor intensive flower.
  • A $100 deposit is required to reserve your date. This deposit will be deducted from your final balance. Your date is not secured until this deposit is paid.
  • Local pick up only. No shipping.

Please read ALL details below to make sure this is the option for you!


We offer our Bulk Botanicals option for those who are looking for gorgeous, local + seasonal flowers for your wedding or event. This is a great option for DIY weddings or those with a tight budget. We do not reserve specific flower varieties and instead rely on choosing the most beautiful flowers blooming that week. You can take a look at past Instagram posts to get an idea of what will be blooming during your event or you can take a look at our flower calendar. We will try to accommodate your color palette however this cannot always be guaranteed when ordering bulk flowers. If you are looking for big grand centerpieces with a specific style, this is likely not the option for you. The key to this option is flexibility. 

Here are the details...

  • We have a 4 bucket minimum
  • Each bucket contains 40 to 65 stems (less in dahlia season) of mixed flowers and foliage for designing full, balanced arrangements or bouquets. Flower to foliage ratio will be 50/50.
  • Each bucket will make approx. 4-5 medium sized arrangements.
  • Price is $80/bucket for Spring dates and $110/bucket for Fall dates plus a refundable deposit of $5/bucket. No discounts can be used on bulk botanical buckets.
  • You are welcome to bring your own (very clean) buckets at pick up to avoid the bucket deposit. We recommend 5 gallon buckets. You are welcome to keep our buckets if you do not want to return them for a refund.
  • For garlands and arbors, we offer bulk greenery of Eleagnus vines in 100ft bundles (Not available until mid-May)  or Tea Olive (50 stems which is approx. 100ft) upon request. Both varieties can withstand our warm climate and tolerate being out of water stress free. Eleagnus average 3-4' long each, but can range from 30" to 9' long. Tea Olive branches are about 24" long
  • Please note, dahlias are the main flower we grow in the Fall so our Fall bulk buckets will have a heavy emphasis on dahlias but will also contain other flowering shrubs, perennials and foliage. We adjust the stem count accordingly with their price per stem. Dahlia stems range from $3-$6 per stem so overall stem count will be less per bucket.
  • Bulk buckets are to be picked up at 3 Porch Farm in Comer, Ga any time between 10-3 pm a day or two before your event. Shipping or Delivery is not available.
  •  Your deposit will reserve your date on our calendar. We require a deposit of $100 to reserve your flowers. Your bucket reservation is not guaranteed until this deposit is paid!!
  • Remaining balance must be paid before or upon order pickup.

Communication is limited to email only. Once your date is reserved, we will send you directions to the farm as well as some helpful tips to keep your flowers their freshest for your day.

Contact us now to reserve your date.