* Send a GIFT BOX * || Icelandic Poppies!

* Send a GIFT BOX * || Icelandic Poppies!


Send a box of cheer to someone you love! Each order comes with our 3 Porch Farm custom gift box and is filled with cheerful, happy poppies! You can't help but smile when you open up this box! Bunches are neatly wrapped and come with a pretty care card to stick on their fridge plus a personalized note!

The box itself is made from post consumer recycled cardboard.  The design was inspired by our flowers and created by local artist, Megan Fowler of Brown Parcel Pressand is printed with soybased ink, so it's not only elegant and beautiful, but also compostable/biodegradable. 

Gift Boxes will include 35 stems of our Icelandic Poppies plus 2-3 Italian poppies. We always include a couple of extras in case any get damaged in transport. The photo represents what your recipient will receive! Stem length is approx. 7"-16"

Colors Included: A mix of Pinks, Oranges, Yellows, Whites and Scarlet.

Vase life: 5-7 days

**Please ensure your recipient will be home to receive them!  Our flowers are insured until they arrive...but damage due to neglect after delivery isn't covered.

**Please check your recipient's local weather before ordering and make sure that daytime temps are above freezing and that no significant storms will be coming on your ship date!

Flowers are shipped as tight pods, but they will open quickly once tucked into their vase and exposed to the warmth of your home.  If you’re eager to have them open or if some need a little help popping out of its shell, you can very carefully peel the outer fuzzy pod off to release the petals. We have a demo of this process on our Instagram!

 **Please do not sear the end of your poppies! The Icelandic and Italian poppy varieties don't like it. After years of testing, we have found that a simple trim is best for making your poppies last!**

Designers or those who are wanting fully open flowers by the weekend, you should order for Wednesday Delivery.

 Remember to always give your vase a good cleaning and fill with fresh water before adding your flowers. Give your flowers a fresh cut before placing in water. Allow them to hydrate for about 6 hours before arranging. Click here for more info on keeping your flowers their freshest. 

Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions for Shipped flowers.

 ***Non-flower products purchased with flowers are not guaranteed to be shipped/overnighted with your flowers and may be sent via USPS.

***If ordering for multiple destinations, you will need to place a separate order for each address. Same with ordering different arrival dates!