Flower Care Information

General care for your Fresh Cut Flowers

  • Sterilize your vase before every use as bacteria and fungus in your vase are the main reasons for early decline of flowers.
  • Give your flowers’ stems a fresh cut at an angle before placing in a vase. We recommend splitting up your flowers among several vases to allow them space to open up and shine!
  • If your order comes with Daffodils, leave them in a vase by themselves for a few hours after cutting. This will keep their thick sap from clogging up the stems and decreasing vase life of other flowers.
  • Allow 12 hours for your flowers to hydrate in fresh water before arranging.
  • Change vase water every few days (every day for best results) and top off water daily. Flowers are thirsty!
  • Add flower food (optional)
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.