Dahlia Tuber || White

Dahlia Tuber || White




We received this mystery white, formal decorative dahlia in a mixed bulk order during our first year growing dahlias. It's such a wonderful variety that it has continued to stay in our line up. We do believe it is likely the variety Blizzard though we are not 100% sure bc it's did not come with a name attached. What we do know for absolutely sure is that it is insanely productive in our climate! Flowers range from 4-5" and bloom on strong, straight stems throughout the entire growing season. A must have for designers or anyone looking for a prolific white dahlia to add to their garden.  Seriously, you will get so many blooms of this plant! Plants grow to about 5ft tall. 


What to expect: Each order consists of one dahlia tuber though many will actually have 2 or more interconnected tubers.  All tubers will have at least one viable eye that may or may not have begun to sprout upon arrival. Tubers will be stamped with the variety name (less waste, YAY!). Please refer to our video to see exactly what you will be receiving.



    We will begin shipping orders the last week of March through mid-late April. We will ship according to your region and the weather. We will send out an email reminder when we will begin shipping...everyone can expect this email to arrive in your inbox March 26th. Please check your Spam if you do not see this email.  You will receive a separate email with tracking information once we have packed up your order and it has shipped via Fedex. We DO NOT take ship date requests and cannot tell you when we will ship your order as it will be dictated by the weather. Your order will ship sometime between March 26th-late April. You will find out the exact ship date when you receive an email with tracking information.

    How To Plant:  

    We plant our dahlias in early June, but sometimes as late as early July in the south. Heat and insects cause a lot of stress to early planted dahlias here and they fare MUCH better when planted in early summer. The difference is overwhelmingly positive. They will begin to bloom at the end of August to early September when planted during this time.  Dahlias thrive in the cooler temps of Fall. 

    Plant in full sun in well drained, fertilized soil, 12-18" apart. Dig a hole that's approx 5-6 inches deep. Set the tubers with the growing points, or “eyes,” facing up, and cover with soil. Do not plant too deep. Eyes should be just below ground level. Do not water deeply until your dahlia begins to grow or rot may occur. We recommend pinching when the plants are 6 inches tall.    Tall, large-flowered cultivars will require support. . 

    In zones 8 and warmer, dahlias can technically be overwintered in the ground though we do not recommend this.  Heat and insect pressure all but ruin overwintered dahlias that get too big too soon in spring. Additionally, digging and dividing them actually increases yield and bloom size. For best practice, dig up dahlias after the foliage has died back in late Fall and store in a cool, dark and relatively dry place like a basement.