New Introductions 2/25/22

New Introductions 2/25/22

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

Abby (left) and Mo (right) working on curing Hellebore stems! 

The farm is starting to pick up steam as the days get longer and warmer.  I got my first mosquito bites 3 days ago and we got our first wasp in the house yesterday.  Spring is coming.

  So, as we begin anew, it seems the perfect time to introduce our new crew members, since they’ll be playing such an important role in the flower side of all of our lives.

  Mo is coming to us from…everywhere really.  She’s been living on the road for the last 2 years, traveling the country in an R.V., hiking, exploring, and working remotely in the insurance world.  She recently bought a home just across the river from us and despite her non-ag background, has proven to be a fantastic fit for the job.  She is an organizational and observational expert who doesn’t let a detail slip past her and is helping us perfect our seed and floral shipping operations.  She has also been surprising us with wonderful home baked muffins, cookies, and cornbread!

  Abby, a North Carolina native with a great love for horses, moved this way recently after graduating from Warren Wilson and has spent the last few years working on lots of different farms, learning all that she can in hopes of eventually starting her own farm.  She’s part-time with us and part-time with the good folks over at Caribe United Farm, where she helps out with all of their animals.  She is helping us monitor our greenhouses for plant health, documenting plant progression, and assisting with all the many outdoor tasks that need tending to in order to keep the farm running smoothly.

  We are super excited to have them both helping to build and improve our farm this Spring and to make sure we get the healthiest and freshest flowers to as many of your homes as possible!

  If you are newer to our farm, a quick intro to the rest of our crew might be in order as well, so I’ll give a brief intro to the rest of us.  

  Rachel is our main I.T. person and manages the website, farm store, plant sale, and helps with plant propagation and various other tasks.  Many of you remember her fondly from back in the days when she ran our farmers market booths in Athens and Atlanta.

  Naw and Marry are the quiet heartbeat of this farm.  These days they are responsible for almost all of the harvesting, planting, and weeding. They are also responsible for most of the giggling and singing.  Naw helped us harvest strawberries since around 2014 and has been year round with us for maybe 6 years now.  Marry, her younger sister, is in her 3rd year with us.  They are both from the Karen tribe in Myanmar and spent a decade or so in a refuge camp before moving to our town and making it a better place with their presence.  

  Then there is Mandy and I, but we’ve already told that story.  So there you have it.  The newly invigorated 3 Porch Farm team.  There’s a collective enthusiasm building out here and we’re all excited to get gorgeous flowers out of our fields and tunnels and into your homes!

Have a great weekend!

From left to right: Naw, Abby, Mo and Marry ♥