Springtime Cheer 3/4/22

Springtime Cheer 3/4/22

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on


It’s been beautiful out here lately.  These warm days have been a bit intoxicating to the point where it’s been increasingly hard to stay inside for admin and packing flowers.  Yet, that is increasingly the reality of my role on the farm these days.

  Peach and Plum trees are bursting into bloom, cherry blossoms exploding pink against a deep blue sky and luscious green grass, maples are waking up, daffodils fill the air with fragrance, the hellebores are a brilliant sprinkling of color throughout the woods, and the tunnels filled with flowers are almost fully awake with poppies, anemones, ranunculus and butterfly ranunculus.

  It’s a hint of a fairytale out here during the spring, so in my jogs from the office, to the studio and back, I’m doing my best to look up, take it in, and be grateful.  

  Spirits are high with the waking of the sun.  Songbirds are everywhere, carpenter bees are dive bombing anyone that walks by, The crew is getting to know each other more, laughter is more abundant at lunch breaks, Rachel is giving us lessons on how to put a silver lining on everything, and the uptick in flowers has us literally running.  And we’re happy about it.  A bit overwhelmed at times, but happy.

  As I’m typing this, Mandy is crying with laughter at the endless footage of bloopers on her phone of every attempt I made to do a 1 minute instructional video on how to process poppies.  Longest one minute ever. Between the fading light, the wind messing up the flowers, the unending cacophonous assault from the flock of guineas, an angry and comedically timed intense mooing of a nearby cow, a mess of trains and their horn happy conductors, some random creature hopping on the tin roof above me, and any other b-reel spoofs you’d expect from a Mickey Mouse film crew like us, she is damn near choking with joy at my failed attempts.  I definitely have a newfound empathy for actors and models.

  Anyways…. the days are flying by and the season’s big events are racing towards us. The Plant Sale is right around the corner!  Hopefully y’all are figuring out your garden plans.  That’s all for this week.  

Wishing y’all a great weekend!