Farmy Stuff 5/26/23

Farmy Stuff 5/26/23

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                              Farmy Stuff

Happy Friday y’all!

   It’ll be brief this week.  Long day’s got me tired (it’s Thursday night) and I’m re-watching “Growing Floret” Season 1, before I watch the new release of Season 2.  Anyone who likes flower farming enough to read this every week, would love her show.  It’s like going from stick figure farm stories to virtual reality.  It’s beautiful, inspiring, and possibly more importantly, very honest.  So much of the project/business based shows you see are almost like a montage in an 80’s hero movie.  Everything goes smoothly, gets done in a week, and looks seamless and beautiful at the end.  It’s mostly b.s.  Life rarely works like that.  It’s so much more compelling to see the struggles involved to create the beauty than it is to just see beauty in absence of context.  It’s the difference between eating an expertly crafted complex and nuanced dessert and eating a bowl of sugar.  To see the humanity and vulnerability in our heroes makes them that much more inspirational and relatable, giving the rest of us strength to know that we can persevere in the face of adversity too.  The struggle is part of it for everyone. Anyways, I’m a big fan of the perspective they chose to tell the story from.  It’s on Discovery Plus.

   We farmers are busy doing all sorts of farmy things on the farm. Composting Spring plants to create next season’s healthy soil, planting cover crops in the tunnels that were just recently filled with flowers, weeding peony beds and watching the perennials interplanted amongst them come to flower, prepping all the fields for dahlia plantings and planting mums in one of the tunnels.  We’re probably out on the tractor right now trying to get one last till in before the rain, so all the cover crop in the fields is really broken down before we make beds to plant the dahlias in.  

   Farm store lovers, come get your fill.  We’ll be shutting the store down for the summer quite soon (last day will be June 3rd).  The little garden in front is beautiful right now. 

   Southern nature lovers…do keep one eye on the ground as you enjoy your garden or favorite hiking trail. We’ve come across our second copperhead already this season.  We’re having to mow the farm frequently now just to make getting to and fro a bit safer.

   That’s all I got.  Be well and be good to each other,