Nigella 'Miss Jekyll' Seeds

Nigella 'Miss Jekyll' Seeds

Nigella 'Miss Jekyll' Seeds


*This is a part of our cold hardy seed collection, seeds that are to be sown in the Fall in zones 6-10 for Spring blooms*

Nigella damascena

This is one fun looking flower! You get to enjoy all stages of this plant: the feathery foliage, the blue flowers, the balloon-like seed pods that can be dried and enjoyed forever!

Plant Type:  Annual
Plant:  after last frost
Germination: 14-21 days at 55-65°F 
Height:  18-28”
Light Preference: Sun                                                                                                   Plant Spacing: 9-12”


Plants dislike being transplanted, so sow seeds directly in the garden in the fall or early spring.

Plant Spacing: 9-12”

Seeds per packet: Approx  100