Nigella 'African Bride' Seeds

Nigella 'African Bride' Seeds

Nigella 'African Bride' Seeds


*This is a part of our cold hardy seed collection, seeds that are to be sown in the Fall in zones 6-10 for Spring blooms*

Nigella papillosa

This flower can be enjoyed at all of its stages! The white flowers have dark purple centers that eventually form seed pods that can be dried and enjoyed forever!

Plant Type:  Annual
Plant:  after last frost
Germination: 14-21 days at 55-65°F 
Height:  18-28”
Light Preference: Sun                                                                                                   Plant Spacing: 9-12”


Plants dislike being transplanted, so sow seeds directly in the garden in the fall or early spring.

Plant Spacing: 9-12”

Seeds per packet: Approx  100