Lunaria Seeds

Lunaria Seeds

Lunaria Seeds


Lunaria annua ' Money Plant'

Also known as Silvery Dollar or Honesty plant, this biennial is grown for the silvery, flattened, disc-like seed pods. Planted in late Summer or early Fall, Lunaria blooms the following Spring with clusters of lavender or white flowers. Seed pods follow after the petal drop.  These will become the coin-shaped pods that we all know and love. Once the seeds pods begin to dry on the plant (they will look pretty ugly at this point), harvest the stem and remove the outer seed pod covering to reveal the stunning, silver moon beams of beauty and a ton of seeds.

Plant Type:  Biennal
Plant:  In late Summer or early Fall
Germination:  15-30 days at 50-55 F
Height:  2-3 ft
Light Preference: Part Shade/Shade                                                                         


Precool seeds in your freezer for 2-3 weeks before sowing. Seeds need this cold treatment in order to germinate.  Direct seed (recommended) - In warmer climate, direct sow in late Summer or early Fall as temperature begins to cool. Cover lightly with soil as light is needed for germination. Here at the farm, we literally just toss them out. Transplanting- Not recommended as roots do not like to be disturbed.

***Take caution as plants will reseed heavily if left in the garden. They can become invasive in some states. Please check with your state before sowing***

Plant Spacing: 12"

Seeds per packet: Approx  50