Fresh Cut Flowers Shipped || Farmer’s Mix Anemones

Fresh Cut Flowers Shipped || Farmer’s Mix Anemones


***If your area is experiencing intense Winter weather and freezing temperatures, please just hang tight and wait to order when weather conditions are warmer!***

***This week’s mix does contain a lot of purples***.

Anemones are long lasting blooms that get even better as they mature. The stems elongate and the petals expand each day in the vase creating an evolving, wild and whimsical look. It's one of our favorite blooms on the farm.

Each bundle contains 23 stems in a lovely mix. Colors include jewel tones, pastel and white. Centers of anemones have an iridescent shimmer as they continue to open up.

Flowers will come to you in tight buds but as soon as you place them in your warm home, they will begin to pop wide open. We ship them this way to protect their petals and so you get the most enjoyment out of them! 

Stem Length: 8”-16” inches 

Expect a vase life of 5-7days.

Remember to always give your vase a good cleaning and fill with fresh water before adding your flowers. Give your flowers a fresh cut before placing in water. Allow them to hydrate for about 6 hours before arranging. Click here for more info on keeping your flowers their freshest. 

Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions for Shipped flowers.

 ***Non-flower products purchased with flowers WILL NOT be shipped/overnighted with your flowers and will be sent via USPS.

***If ordering for multiple destinations, you will need to place a separate order for each address. Same with ordering different arrival dates!

***Each bundle comes with extra stems just in case a few get damaged in shipping.