Dahlia '3 Porch Mix' Seeds

Dahlia '3 Porch Mix' Seeds


Dahlia variabilis '3 Porch Mix'

Grow your own dahlias from seeds! These are especially popular among all of your Summer and Fall pollinators like your honeybees and butterflies. Each pack of seeds will be a wild card! You will get some single bloom varieties as well as some ball varieties. These have all been cross-pollinated with the dahlias that we grow here in our fields. Each will be one-of-a-kind and sure to please ! We have found that when growing dahlias from seed that the plants are very strong and very productive.

Plant Type:  Annual
Plant:  After last frost
Germination:   3-5 days at 65-70 F
Height:  4-6 ft
Light Preference: Full Sun
Days to Maturity: 75-90 days



Transplanting is recommended. Sow 4-5 weeks before last frost. Cover seed with growing medium and keep soil surface moist until emergence. When seedlings have true leaves, transplant into larger cell packs. To maintain healthy seedlings, do not allow plants to become root bound and do not disturb roots.

Direct seed after last frost. Sow thinly, 2 seeds/ft, 1/4" deep. Cover lightly but firmly. Keep surface moist until emergence. Thin to 9-12" after first true leaves appear.

Plant Spacing: 9-12"

Seeds per packet: Approx  25

** Plants will grow into tubers that can then be saved and planted the following year. After plants die back in the Fall, cut off dead stalks and carefully dig up the tubers. Knock off any excess dirt on the tubers and allow them to fully dry out for a few days in a shaded spot with lots of airflow. Tubers can then be stored in crates in a cool, dark,  well-ventilated area over the Winter like a basement. Tubers can be planted out the next Spring or Summer. We plant our dahlias in June for Fall blooms.

*Dahlias are mildly toxic to cats and dogs and is something to consider if you have a curious pet. Can cause mild gastrointestinal issues and mild dermatitis. Non-toxic to humans.