Terms and Conditions for Shipped Flowers

Be home when your flowers arrive

Please remember that flowers are a perishable product so it is important that you select a date (Wednesday - Friday) where you will be home when your flowers arrive. If you are sending flowers as a gift, we advise ensuring your recipient will be home and signing up for text or email alerts with Fedex that way you can notify your recipient the moment the flowers arrive! We ship only the freshest flowers and always priority overnight, so they arrive as fast as possible allowing you to get them quickly into water to give you the maximum vase life possible. Check the expected vase life of each flower variety in the product description for more specifics.


Remember to always give your vase a good cleaning and fill with fresh water before adding your flowers. Give your flowers a fresh cut before placing in water. Allow them to hydrate for about 6 hours before arranging. Click here for more info on keeping your flowers their freshest. Please keep in mind that some flowers may need to rehydrate 12-24 hours after their long journey! 

Quality is our priority

Our flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and healthy.  If damage happens in transport, we will replace or refund.  Each bundle will come with extra stems just in case a few get damaged in shipping. We are not responsible for neglect or theft after package has been delivered. Some flowers may need to rehydrate for 12-24 hours after shipping.  If there is obvious damage though, take a photo of the flowers and the box (if damaged) and send us an email with the images.

Since our business rides on the whims of nature, we may have to cancel an order last minute. We try to prevent this by listing our offerings one week in advance to ensure that we can confidently fill all the orders with the highest quality flowers. Storms and pests can change things overnight and we hate to let anyone down, so we err on the side of caution with our offerings. We will update our availability for the following week every Friday at noon.


If you also purchase *non flower* products with your flower order, please note that these cannot be shipped with flowers and will be shipped separately via USPS. Non-perishable items will not be overnighted with your flowers!

Cancellations and Requests

Your order can be canceled if you notify us a day in advance of your ship date (this is the day BEFORE your arrival date). Please put “CANCEL MY ORDER” in the subject line of your email.

Unfortunately we are unable to hold flowers in advance. We are at mother nature's mercy and we can't guarantee flowers for even more than a week in advance.

Requests for certain colors can be made in the notes section, but they are NOT guaranteed. We try and give you the most variety with the flowers that we offer, but with being such a small staff, we are unable to do specialized orders for every individual.

Shipping Regulations + Restrictions

If ordering flower bundles for multiple destinations, you will need to place a separate order for each address. Same with ordering different arrival dates!

We do not ship flowers to Alaska, Hawaii, or California. The Ag economy in CA is tremendous and any potential threat at the border is understandably taken very seriously. As organic growers, there is every chance that we’ll have some tiny form of life on our flowers (that’s how it’s supposed to be) and the CA Dept of Ag. will stop the package, inspect it, send samples to a lab, wait a few days (not in water) and then either trash them, or send them along to the destination many days late and possibly dead.  The only way around this for us, would be to spray our flowers with insecticides, which we will not do. Fortunately there are lots of amazing flower farmers in CA. Find your local growers!