Verdant Sweepstakes 6/7/24

Verdant Sweepstakes 6/7/24

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

Happy Friday y’all!

  We are busy planting thousands of dahlias right now.  We’ll be planting them all through June. We stagger the planting so we can have a succession at harvest.  It’s important for farmers to succession plant a lot of crops so that they don’t get a huge harvest at one time.  That used to be the mistake of a lot of beginning farmers (maybe that’s different now with greater access to information).  You’d see them at market one week with a full booth overflowing with beautiful produce or flowers.  Then the next 3 weeks, they’d have almost nothing.  The result is that customers think you’re unreliable and start shopping elsewhere, and on the week you had a large bounty, you weren’t able to sell all of it, so you either gave a bunch away or lost it to compost.  You ended up working your tail off, only to spend more in expenses than you made by selling your bumper crop.  A painful lesson to learn.  Succession planting becomes a valuable technique to help you have a more steady and reliable harvest that both you and your customers can depend on from one week to the next.

   For folks in cooler climates wondering why we plant dahlias so late, it’s an approach we developed after years of failed crops due to intensely hot and humid summers that devastated our dahlia fields.  The late planting sidesteps the exhaustive stress that our southern summers exert onto dahlia plants and allow us to have a healthy and bountiful fall harvest.  It’s incredibly effective.  You can find more info on our dahlia care page or by perusing through older blog entries on dahlia growing.

   Our beautiful lavender is just about ready and will be getting harvested next week.  It’s the most lovely fragrance ever and the bees just absolutely adore it.  If you’re interested in getting your hands on some bundles, you can find them here.   

   To celebrate a successful season of chrysanthemums, we are doing a mum giveaway!!!  We’ll be giving away 15 rooted mum cuttings to 5 people!! To join, go to our Instagram and put a flower emoji in the comments of our giveaway post.  Plants will ship out on the 12th to arrive on Friday, June 14th, so if you can’t be around to receive them on the 14th, please don’t enter.

   The farm store is closed for the summer now and in addition to prepping for fall crops, we’ll be finding time to catch up with friends and family we’ve neglected for the last 6 months.  I’ll be taking a pause on the newsletters as well until there’s something to talk about again.

   Thanks so much for following along and for all your support of our farm, our crew, and our little community.  We feel the love coming through and are continually lifted by it.  Thank you thank you and have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful summer!!