Things to Come 4/21/23

Things to Come 4/21/23

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

  Good afternoon!  Has the pecan pollen been messing with you Georgians as much as it has with us?  Everyone here is all sorts of allergic to it.

  Mandy and I are rushing out the door to bring the tractor and a van load of plants over to her folks place to move their garden from an over-shaded area into the sun and into raised boxes, so I’ll be a bit brief as we need to harvest and prep the team before we head out.

  We’ve started doing garden party bouquets for delivery to your door, so if you have an event that needs a big burst of colorful cheer, we’ve got you covered! Order Here!

  Mother’s day bouquets will go on pre-order next week so keep an eye out for that!  

  The plant sale is up for one more week, so you’ve still got a little time to get your perennials and we have discounted veggie starts in front of the store. Browse our plant sale!

  We are currently in the process of carrying up thousands of dahlia tubers from the basement to get them starting to sprout for next month’s planting.  We’ll also be listing a bunch of them for sale for you southern dahlia growers.  We don’t have a ton of variety, because we’ve narrowed down our selection to heat and pest tolerant varieties that are beautiful and productive in the south. A lot of dahlias don’t do well here, so if you get any of our stock, you can be certain that they are a good fit for hot and humid environments.  We also sell them at this time, because it is the best time to plant in hot and humid environments.  Planting early in the south doesn’t work out well for reasons you can read about in our dahlia blog from last spring.

  We’ll also be listing more mum cuttings for sale soon!  

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!