Fire in the Sky 1/26/24

Fire in the Sky 1/26/24

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

Happy Friday y’all!

This will be our last newsletter from this email address.  What this means for you is that next week, if you don’t see us in your inbox, we may have ended up in your spam or promotions folder.  We’ll be sending from with Flodesk instead of the current address with Mailchimp and are aiming for a somewhat more pleasant interaction between words and photos for our newsletters going forward.

The sunsets last week were quite glorious if you could handle the cold.  My folks joined me for a shivery sunset or two.  My brother and sister-in law were also here for the weekend, generally just eating, chatting, and spending a little time catching up with Mandy’s parents.  I don’t know how it happened, but my family loves Mandy’s family and vice versa.  I don’t think we could’ve gotten any luckier in that department.  The only downside is we don’t see enough of each other and time marches on, but we sure are grateful for the times we do have together.


   Slowly, the flowers begin to awaken.  The colibris and Icelandic poppies are opening their sleepy little eyes, the daffodils are pushing their way out of the wet earth, and the hellebores are beginning to bloom.  Flowers are not flooding our harvest buckets yet, but the time draws near.



The dahlias are all cleaned and divided and we are looking now to purchase tuber stamps and stamp every single one of the many thousands that we have with its correct variety name, so that tuber customers have no confusion about which is which and what goes where.

Our mum nursery is getting lots of attention from us daily as we extend day length, maintain health, ward off intruders, and send good vibes to each momma on the reg.  The godfather of the cut flower movement, Dr. Allan Armitage, came out to inspect and advise the project last week and generally gave it a thumbs up along with some helpful tips.

In that vein, we’re happy to announce that we hired a new lead for our mum cutting project.  Sarah Anne Horton has run her own farm in Carrolton GA as well as having worked on very big farms propagating strawberries and growing out mum cuttings on a much larger scale than our own. We’re very pleased to have such an experienced grower on our team for the Spring.

That’s all for the day.  We’re just dealing with a rapid change from windy 12 degree weather to balmy 70 degree days with100% humidity after all these rains.  Thank goodness we’ve got decent water incursion prevention setups these days.  Just knocked on wood.

Hope you have a great weekend,



Meet Our New Mum Lead, Sarah Anne Horton!