A Quick Note 1/19/24

A Quick Note 1/19/24

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

   Happy Frosty Friday y’all! Keeping it brief, cause my family is in town.  

   Georgia people, keep dripping those faucets and wearing those long johns for another 3 nights.  It’s gonna be a super frosty weekend.  We’re always colder than the forecast out here, so we could get down to single digits on some parts of the farm.  Next week it’s going to pop right back up to 70 degrees (with 3+ inches of rain), so I’m anticipating the acceleration of growth in tunnels and a few flower bundles will be made available.  Poppies are coming!

   As for farm stuff….we just got some Butterfly Weed seeds that are the host plant for arguably the coolest butterfly in the U.S. (Monarchs) and we wanna spread it around, so we’ll be giving a free pack of them to anyone who purchases 5 or more packs of any seeds we carry while supplies last.  

   We are launching our dahlia tuber presale and our hellebore sale very soon.  If you’d like to get first dibs on either or both, you can sign up for the dahlia waitlist here and the hellebore waitlist here.
    Last but not least, We’re Hiring!  We’ve got some strong applications in and are going to begin interviews soon, but you’ve still got a little time to get an application in.

Stay warm out there and have a great weekend!