Shipped Plants || Ice N' Roses Hellebore 'Rose' - 4 plants

Shipped Plants || Ice N' Roses Hellebore 'Rose' - 4 plants


This product consists of 4 plants of Ice N' Roses Rose. These light mauvy petals have a light center and continue to get darker around the petals edges. Dark glossy green foliage has striking red stems. 

An abundance of blooms fill up each stem and while most hellebore blooms nod their heads down, these look forward to show off their faces! Bloom time is between January and March. A new wonderful hybrid!

Helleborus x glandorfensis

Hardiness Zones: 5-9
Plant Type: Evergreen Perennial
Sun: Part sun to shade
Bloom Time: January- March *Great for Valentine's Bouquets*
Bloom Color: Mauve, rose
Plant Height:  12-16 inches tall
Spacing: 2.5-4 ft apart

*When you buy 16 or more plants (can be mixed and matched with other varieties), you receive a 13% discount off your plants!

Hellebores are great for naturalizing in well-drained, semi shaded, woodland areas or add them to your established garden beds. They can grow in shade to full sun (though some afternoon shade is recommended in warm regions). They are very low maintenance, drought tolerant, and easy to grow. They make a great cut flower after the flowers begin to form seed. We also have a video on how to extend the vase life of your hellebores before the seed forms! You can watch that video on our Instagram!

If you live in a climate where it is still very cold/the ground is frozen, we recommend waiting to plant until your ground is no longer frozen and your plants have acclimated to your climate. You can pot these plants up and keep them protected from temperatures below 30 degrees for this first year. After this year, they will no longer need protection.

Plants will ship February 28th and March 6th in the order they were received via Fedex 2Day Express. NO PO BOXES! We DO NOT take ship date requests and cannot tell you which date your order will be sent. Orders will be filled in the order they come in. An email will be sent with tracking information when your order has been picked up by Fedex. 



How to Care For Your Plants Upon Arrival :

  • It is possible for your plants to look stressed upon opening but please give them some water and a few days in the shade to adjust to their new home and perk up. They are very hardy!
  • Please be sure to take your plants out of the box asap. Put them in a shady area and give them a good drink of water and allow them to recover from their stressful journey. Protect them from extreme conditions like a hard frost as the plants need time to acclimate to your weather/temperature. If your ground is currently frozen or your garden spot is not ready yet, just pot them up in a 3"+ pot and plant them at a later date. 
  • Find a spot to plant them. The ideal spot for your hellebores is in full to partial shade in well-drained soil. Space 2.5-4 ft apart for a full look once mature. Add bit of all purpose fertilizer in the hole. Plant. Water in.  Hellebores can tolerate a wide range of soil types but they do not like wet feet! 
  • Hellebores will bloom anytime from January to March. After they flower you can enjoy their large evergreen foliage!
  • We used to recommend cutting back the browning, dead foliage in the Winter but that is no longer necessary! It is actually very beneficial for the plant to leave the dying leaves as it provides nutrients for the plants!