Nigella 'Persian Mulberry Rose' Seeds

Nigella 'Persian Mulberry Rose' Seeds

Nigella 'Persian Mulberry Rose' Seeds


Nigella damascena 'Persian Mulberry'

A stunning variety of Nigella, 'Persian Mulberry' has beautiful white to pink to mauve flowers surrounded by feathery foliage. They make a great cut flower. The seed pods balloon out and are super cute when dried.

Plant Type:  Cold Hardy Annual
Plant:  In Fall, in warm climates. In early Spring, in cooler climates
Germination:  10-15 days at 55-70 F
Height:  2-3 ft
Light Preference: Full Sun
Plant Spacing: No need to thin. Plants can stay close. 
Days to maturity: 65-70 for fresh flowers; 80-85 for dried pods



 Direct seed (recommended) - In warmer climate, direct sow in Fall as temperature begins to cool. Cover lightly with soil as light is needed for germination. Transplanting- Not recommended as roots do not like to be disturbed.

Plants will reseed if left in the garden. 

Seeds per packet: Approx  100