Eleagnus *Wholesale Shipped*

Eleagnus *Wholesale Shipped*

Eleagnus *Wholesale Shipped*


Do not order this product prior to emailing Steve at 3porchfarm@gmail.com!

Custom Shipping charges and dates must be determined!  

(We aren't responsible If you ignore this step and neglect to arrange shipping or farm pickup.)

A total of 100 ft of vines . Vines are 30"- 9' but average 4-6ft. Leaves are silver on one side and green on the other. Very minimal thorns.

*Hardy out of water*

Holds up great in the summer heat. Great for arbors and garland for weddings 

3 gallon bucket in photo for size reference

We ship eleagnus by FedEx 2-day Priority. Shipping will vary state by state.