Ice n' Roses Hellebore Plugs Waitlist

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Varieties that will be available are: Bianco, Brunello, Carlotta, Corvina, Dark Picotee, Early Red, Early Rose, Frosted Rose, Nightingale, Picotee, Red, Rosado, Rosali, Rose, Rosetta and White. *All are of the Ice n' Roses variety!

The Ice N' Roses Hellebore series is our absolute favorite here at the farm! These varieties are faster growing than other varieties of hellebores and have some of the longest, strongest stems. Each stem boasts an abundance of blooms! Most of your hellebore blooms droop towards the ground, but not the Ice n' Roses! They look up towards you and attract honeybees and your woodland pollinators! Don't skip out on these wonderful shade-loving plants!