Gift Flower Subscriptions

If you'd like to purchase our March, April or Bi-weekly flower subscriptions as a gift, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please purchase the Month and Day you would like the gift to be delivered to the recipient. It is critical that the recipient is home upon delivery so that the flowers can get in water as soon as possible. Please choose the best address to send the flowers to (i.e. work or home) so that the recipient can open their flowers as soon as possible. 3 Porch Farm is not responsible for shortened vase life due to flowers being left outside in a box for too long or for poor care once the flowers have been delivered to your location by Fedex.
  2. When you go to your cart, you will see a section for notes. Please leave your name and a message in the notes section so that your recipient knows who the gift is from. Also put the recipient's email address and phone number in addition to your gift note.
  3. If your recipient lives in a cold part of the country, we recommend purchasing the April subscription.
  4. Please make sure that you have your recipient's information correct!
  5. After your purchase, the recipient will receive an email that they have been gifted the subscription. We will also send a physical copy of the details of the subscription to them in the mail.
  6. If you'd like to keep this gift a surprise, please put your email in at checkout and not the recipient's. You must also email with the recipient's email so that they can be updated once we start shipping and can get updated tracking.
  7. If you'd like the physical copy of the subscription details sent to you so that you can directly give it to your recipient, please email with your address so that we do not send it directly to your recipient.
  8. Please email for any other questions or concerns you have about gifting the subscription.