Cut Mum Care Page

What to Expect Upon Arrival:

Mums arrive open and will not continue to open in your vase. We always include a couple extra flowers in each order in case some blooms get damaged in transport. Allow 12 hours for your flowers to hydrate before arranging.

Important Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Flowers:

  • Sterilize your vase before every use as bacteria and fungus in your vase are the main reasons for early decline of flowers.
  • Give your flower stems a fresh cut at an angle before placing in your vase.
  • We recommend placing in them in several vases so that they can have space to open up. Mix with some of your favorite foliage from your yard!
  • Change vase water every few days and definitely top off the vase water daily. These are very thirsty flowers!
  • Add flower food (optional).
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.


  • Don't forget to get creative! Collect foliage and other blooms from your yard to add to your flowers.