Moonflower Vine Seeds

Moonflower Vine Seeds



Ipomoea alba 'Moonflower'

One of our favorites! This plant is great for growing on fences or up trellises. The buds look like the tops of ice cream cones and open up into huge white, very fragrant flowers at dusk. Moonflowers will attract many fascinating night pollinators like the hummingbird moth. Make sure to plant where you can enjoy them!

Plant Type:  Annual
Seed:  After last frost 
Germination:  10-12 days at 70 F
Height: 20 ft
Light Preference: Full Sun/Part Shade


Recommended to direct sow outside 1 to 2 weeks after your average last frost date, and when soil temperatures are warm. Plant at a soil depth of 1/2 inch. Space seeds every 6-12 inches.

Seeds per packet: Approx  10