Reset, Repair, Rebuild 7/22/22

Reset, Repair, Rebuild 7/22/22

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

Well, we’re finally moving forward with the cabin that was destroyed at the beginning of the year (You can revisit here).  An old friend who got his start in construction under the tutelage of Mandy’s dad years ago, went on to become a contractor and is going to come in with his crew and carefully take it down and set the salvageable lumber aside for me to re-use.

  We’re both super excited to have some motion on this project.  We’re not 100% certain about the design of the rebuild (or even when I’ll get the time to do it), but we’re thinking either a full replica of the original, or possibly a 3 walled structure with the 4th wall just being screened in so there’s less impediment to enjoying the woods.  If you have architectural inclinations or just a favorite design in mind, feel free to email it over.  We’re keeping an open mind.

   The rain has been great and life has sprung up everywhere lately.  The dahlias have perked up and so have the peppers we’re growing for The Plate Sale.  Of course though, so have the mosquitos. I’m a gourmet pincushion it seems...

  The Joro spider (I wrote about it last year) is also back.  They are still small, but growing fast.  Soon enough you’ll see their giant gold tinged webs full of squirrels and armadillos.  

  And if you’re wondering why we don’t have flowers in the summer when farmers are supposed to be in full swing…. We’ve flipped the model on it’s head a bit.  We don’t grow summer flowers.  They are easy to grow and easy to find at every farmer’s market.  They also don’t ship well.  Our employees are also burnt out from the Winter/Spring hustle and have made it clear that they prefer shorter hours and more vacation time during the heat of the Summer.  So, Summer is our period to reset, repair, and rebuild…catch up on bookkeeping, Fall and Spring planning, and all the things that don’t get done when we are busy with mountains of flowers.

  That’s about all we’ve got out here this week.  Hope you have a great weekend!

  If you need some roofing, or any other contractor service, we can recommend our buddy Fidel at Martinez Services LLC.  Send an email if you’d like his contact info.