Meet the New Owners of HoneyPops 10/15/21

Meet the New Owners of HoneyPops 10/15/21

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

  Delightful, refreshing, and just all around good.  HoneyPops were our thing.  It was our niche.  We were famous…with the kindergarten set.  Kids loved us and their parents approved of us.  It’s the closest experience we’ll have to being in a K-pop band.  But all things come to an end.

   And sometimes they start back up again.  Like high waisted jeans.  

   When the world turned upside down and we stopped doing farmers markets, we stopped having a way to get our pops to everyone.  Shipping requires dry ice (no) and it just didn’t make sense to produce something that has no outlet.  But we miss them.  Our customers miss them.  We wanted them to live on.  We kept coming back to it for over a year.  How can we bring life back to HoneyPops?

   Our friends at The Plate Sale, Mike and Shyretha Sheets, in addition to being incredibly talented and accomplished craftspeople in the culinary world, are also working on creating a farm down the road from us.  In working with them to cultivate their field, the idea came to us to see if they might be interested in taking ownership of HoneyPops and using their far superior skills to not only keep them going, but to elevate them to new levels.  To take them further into flavor country.

  To our great joy, they were elated!  They’ve already got new ideas for flavors, some of which will include produce from their farm, but they’ll also be using our fruit to make the classics you  locals know and love.  HoneyPops were instrumental in getting our farm/business off the ground and we’re incredibly excited that such talented and kind people are taking over and carrying it forward.  The details of where and when aren’t ironed out, as they are currently working and living in Atlanta and building a farm out here, but they are folks who make things happen, so keep your eyes on them for further updates.  You can check them out and learn more about what they do here and here!