Happy New Year from 3 Porch Farm! 12/31/23

Happy New Year from 3 Porch Farm! 12/31/23

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

   The new year is nigh.  Whether you spend it immersed in glitter and bubbles, quiet contemplation, or somewhere in between, we hope you have a great night and an even better 2024. 

   We are grateful to you all for your support of our efforts to turn our ideals into an actual occupation that provides a living wage for not only us, but for our awesome crew as well.  

   We’ve really gelled as a team and as a farm these last few years and are exceedingly happy to have a strong sense of self as an organization.  Gone are the days of trying a million different ideas to see which if any of them stick. 

   Mandy and I have now completed 13 seasons of running this farm.   As her grey hairs come in and mine fall out, we now know quite clearly what we’re good at and we aim to make the most of our strengths in order to create the highest quality flowers and plants possible in the most sustainable manner for as many people as possible, while maintaining as happy, respectful, and enjoyable a workspace as possible for everyone here.

   All of that helps us sleep well at night and none of that is possible without you, so we extend our deepest gratitude for all you do to support us, to enjoy our flowers, and to share them with other people.

   From all of us here at 3 Porch Farm in Comer Georgia, Thank You a million times and have a wonderful new year!


-Steve, Mandy, Rachel, Naw Dee Poe, Eh Plaw, Marry, and Kali… and also, Huck, Biscuit, Cotton, Momma Dog, Winky, and 13 other winged dinosaurs…..and the squirrel that lives in our walls…Trudy.

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