Farm Store is Back! 9/23/22

Farm Store is Back! 9/23/22

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on

Farm store is back!

  Tis the season yet again, where the farm store is open and waiting to scratch that itch you’ve been developing for Flowers, Handmade Vases, Wood Turnings,

Botanical soaps + Essential oils, Candles, Gardening tools, Seeds and more! 

  We have many unique gift and self-care items made by other women-owned, small businesses that we're really excited about!

  Mandy spends so many evenings out there, curating a beautiful space for your visual pleasure.  She’s out there in the heat right now as I type this. Whether you are coming just to browse and enjoy the space, or looking for that one of a kind item that you just gotta have, she wants to make your visit memorable.  I can’t tell you how many hours she’s spent trying to find all of the special crafters, makers, and artisans whose goodies fill up our little store and to ensure that their products are of high quality and their businesses deserve our collective support.  

   And each flower tucked into a vase, or vine harvested and hung from the ceiling, is a love letter to both nature and to y’all.  Her thoughtful way of embellishing a space in order to enhance another’s experience is something I’ve always admired and I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy.

  Why make the trip for just us though, when there’s so many lovely gems in Comer that will round out your day and make the trip extra special.

Here’s a list of our favorites:

Eat & Drink:

The Comerian Bakery- The best bread and pastries! Sometimes open on Saturdays 8-12pm. Follow them on Instagram for updates or sign up for Uwe's newsletter!

Comer Coffee Co- Comer's new coffee shop! Delicious coffee in a wonderful space with lovely folks! Open Saturdays 9-12.

Comer Farmers Market- Every Saturday until Noon. Under the big pavilion in Downtown Comer. Looks for signs to point you in the right direction.  It’s small, but often has some goodies worth stopping for.

Oasis Asian Market- 89 E North Ave, Comer, GA 30629. A wonderful, convenient market located in downtown Comer. A great place to pick up a snack before heading to Watson Mill State park! By supporting this market, you are helping to support the Karen + Karenni Burmese Refuges and other Asians in our community. (Naw, Marry, and Wah are a part of the Karen Tribe).

Shop + Art:

Tom Homann- A large pottery collection all handcrafted by Tom.  His studio is filled pots of all varieties geared towards both beauty and function.

Neat Pieces Antiques- Hands down the coolest place you will ever go. You are guaranteed to find something unique there!

Bendzunas Glass- Yes, Comer has a glass blowing shop! The gallery is open 10-5 Monday- Saturday so make sure to give them a visit.


Watson Mill Bridge State Park- Just 5 minutes from the farm. A great picnic or relaxation spot!

   It’s worth noting that a lot of these places are all within a block of each other and the Coffee, pottery, and asian market are all right next door to each other.

  We’ve enjoyed every drop of goodness these gems have brought to our community and we hope y’all get a chance to enjoy them too.

  I won’t be surprised if we bump into you some Saturday, as we tend to make the rounds most weekends.

  Have a great weekend and I hope you Georgians enjoy the respite from this week’s heat wave.  Fall is coming!!