Busy, Busy Spring! 3/25/22

Busy, Busy Spring! 3/25/22

Posted by Mandy + Steve O'Shea on


Hey y’all!  Not much to say this week.   Or rather, not much time to say it.  We’re just racing around trying to get it all done. 

     Rachel has been organizing the plant sale and brought in Abby and 2 new helpers (Laura and Rex) to organize all the orders and make sure they are ready for y’all to pick up at your appointment. 

    Naw and Marry have brought in Naw’s sister in law, Eh Plaw, to keep up with all of the flowers steadily growing in the tunnels and fields.  Eh Plaw only recently arrived in the U.S. after the genocidal military campaign against their people ramped up in Myanmar.  She’s smiley and shy and the ladies are taking her under their wings and doing a great job of showing her the ropes.

   Many of you donated last year to help their mother and the rest of her village escape to safety as the military encroached on their homes.  Naw and Marry just told us that she is currently safe in the mountains with their sister, far from the conflict, and doing well!  So a big hearty thank you again for all you have done to help her and her fellow villagers!  You made a difference in many peoples lives and it directly effects two of the people we love and spend our days with, so we are endlessly grateful for your good will and generosity.

    Mo is speedily and skillfully organizing and bundling all the flowers the ladies are bringing in, to both stock the farm store and ship to 47 states.  

   Mandy and I are doing our best to fill in the gaps and are back to working 15 hour days lately, running from task to task, just trying to keep it all together.

   Side note: Rachel proposed that we poll our readers to see what y’all want to know about 3 Porch.  The what, why, how or who of it.  So, if you’ve got any burning questions related to the farm, go ahead and email them in to 3porchfarm@gmail.com with the subject line “Ask a Farmer.”  We'll pick a few that jump out at us to respond to in an upcoming newsletter.

  Otherwise, enjoy your weekend and be aware that Saturday is going to be very windy and some of you may get a frost Saturday night, so cover up your plants tight or bring them inside!  We’ll be out with tarps and heaters and lights and extension cords as soon as the wind calms a bit at dusk, doing our little panic dance in an effort to protect the thousands of plants that can’t handle the cold.

  If you are new to gardening, please be aware that we could officially get a frost in this area up until about April 15th, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the weather until then and protect your seedlings whenever a frost looms.  Out here, we usually get about 5-6 degrees colder than the forecast says (7 last night).   Sometimes as much as 8 or 9 degrees colder, so it’s best to be a little extra cautious with your tomato babies if you aren’t sure.

  Happy gardening!