*If your area is experiencing intense Winter weather, please just hang tight and order another week.

The Daffodils are blooming and their sweet fragrance instantly reminds us of sunny skies and warmer days ! What flower is more cheerful than Daffodils ?!

This Daffodil offering will be a mix of specialty varieties. This mix will change weekly! The image shown is an example of some of the varieties that may be included in the mix. You will fall in love with them. Many of their stems are also fragrant. Because Daffodil stems tend to be shorter than other flowers we offer, this bundle is good for those who like to pop blooms into bud vases to sprinkle down a table or set around the house. 

Each box contains a mix of 50 stems. Stem length ranges from 8"-14". We also include a few stems of golden evergreen to compliment your arrangement. Evergreen may be Thuja, boxwood, etc. but will vary depending on what looks good on the farm this week. These stems are not effected by the sap of Daffodils.

*Flowers will arrive closed to protect blooms in shipping. They will begin to open as soon as you unpack them and put them in a clean vase with clean water. 

Expect a vase life of 5-7 days. 

**Be sure to leave your daffodils in a vase by themselves for a few hours if you are going to add them to arrangements with other flowers. This will keep their thick sap from clogging up the stems and decreasing the vase life of other flowers. 

Remember to always give your vase a good cleaning and fill with fresh water before adding your flowers. Give your flowers a fresh cut before placing in water. Allow them to hydrate for about 6-8 hours before arranging. Click here for more info on keeping your flowers their freshest. And for additional care for Daffodils. 

Please be sure to review our Terms and Conditions for Shipped flowers.

 ***Non-flower products purchased with flowers WILL NOT be shipped/overnighted with your flowers and will be sent via USPS.

***Flower availability will be updated each Friday at Noon

***If ordering for multiple destinations, you will need to place a separate order for each address. Same with ordering different arrival dates!

***Each bundle comes with extra stems just in case a few get damaged in shipping.