Summer Bulbs Shipped || Gladiolus Mix (25 corms)

Summer Bulbs Shipped || Gladiolus Mix (25 corms)


A wonderful summer plant to have in your garden. Watch their spikes pop up in the garden and watch the blooms unfold each day. A wonderful mix with bright colors that range from pink to purple to orange. This flower just screams summer! 

A great cut flower!

~25 corms for $20 -- we always throw in a couple extras!

 Plant corms about 2 inches deep (about twice the size of the bulb) with the pointed part of the bulb facing up and cover with soil. Corms can be spaced as close as 4 inches apart in rows or groups of 10 to 15 corms.

In zones 6 or colder, we recommend digging up the corms in the Fall after the foliage has died back and storing them in a cool, well-ventilated, dark area (like a basement) over the Winter. 

Corms can be overwintered in the ground in zones 7 or warmer.

Bulbs (or corms) and seeds can be shipped within the contiguous 48 states including California.