Silene 'Blushing Lanterns' Seeds

Silene 'Blushing Lanterns' Seeds

Silene 'Blushing Lanterns' Seeds


Silene vulgaris 'Blushing Lanterns'

The perfect flower that can be used in arrangements at any stage! Delicate white flowers emerge from green pods with pink undertones. Petals will eventually drop leaving the attractive pods. A unique flower to add to your garden!

Plant Type:  Perennial
Plant:  After last frost 
Germination:   7-14 days at 70 F
Height:  18-30 inches
Light Preference: Full Sun                                                                                                             


Transplant- Start seed indoors in trays 8-10 weeks before last frost and transplant once weather has warmed.

Plant Spacing: 12"

Seeds per packet: Approx  150