Nasturium 'Jewel Mix'

Nasturium 'Jewel Mix'


Well-known mix of singles and doubles. These bright, 2" blooms of red, pink, orange, and yellow are held above light green foliage. Mounded plant habit. Also known as garden nasturtium and Indian cress.

Versatile, bright, bold, and edible; Nasturtiums will creep through your borders, brighten up your vegetable garden and add a colourful twist to your salad!

Easy to grow, and fast enough for children to enjoy planting, the whole plant is edible. The youngest leaves taste rather like watercress, the older leaves have a peppery heat and the flowers are deliciously sweet and spicy. Avoid overfeeding or overwatering Nasturtiums though, as this will result in more foliage than flowers.


Full sun to part shade

2 inch container