Greens 'Elegance Mix' Seeds

Greens 'Elegance Mix' Seeds

Greens 'Elegance Mix' Seeds


*This is a part of our cold hardy seed collection, seeds that are to be sown in the Fall in zones 6-10*

Brassica spp.

A beautiful salad mix with colors from light green to dark red. Filled with pak choi, mizuna, red mustard and leaf broccoli, the various textures and flavors make for an exciting salad.

Plant Type:  Cold Hardy Vegetable
Germination: germinates in 7-10 days                                                                          Days to maturity: 21 days
Light Preference: Sun                                                                                                   Plant Spacing: at least 2" apart


Sow 4 seeds per inch, in rows at least 2" apart, 1/4" deep. For regular harvest, sow every two weeks from early spring to mid- summer.

Plant Spacing: at least 2" apart for continuous harvest

Seeds per packet: Approx  1000