* Farm Store Credit * Come shop our wares!

* Farm Store Credit * Come shop our wares!


We have made this option available for people that want to come shop the store, and don't necessarily know what they want to buy since a majority of our vases, wood wares, earrings, soaps and other artisanal items are only available to shop in the store and are not listed on this website. This option helps you meet the minimum to make an appointment without making the commitment to a certain specialty item until you see it in person!

How to use your Farm Store Credit:

Tally up your total once you have shopped our store, and then subtract however much "Store Credit" you purchased.

How to Pay at the Store:

When you walk up to the store, all of our payment information can be found on the left door of the store. We accept PayPal and Venmo or you can request an invoice by emailing rachel@3porchfarm.com. We have provided QR codes to easily pull up our accounts in PayPal or Venmo.


I purchased $10 in store credit so that I could make an appointment and come visit the store. I show up to my appointment, shop the store and decide that I want to buy a vase that is $52. I subtract the $10 in store credit and my total comes to $42. I look at the front left door and decide I will pay using the app Venmo. I open the app and search for @Mandy-oshea and send her a payment of $42.