Carrot 'Mokum' Seeds

Carrot 'Mokum' Seeds

Carrot 'Mokum' Seeds


*This is a part of our cold hardy seed collection, seeds that are to be sown in the Fall in zones 6-10*

Daucus carota var. sativus

This early variety of thin carrots have an excellent flavor! Very sweet roots. They remain sweet even when the weather is warm. Perfect for eating raw or cooked.

Plant Type:  Cold Hardy Vegetable
Germination: germinates in 7-21 days                                                                          Days to maturity: 36 baby; 54 full size
Light Preference: Sun                                                                                                   Plant Spacing: ~30 plants per foot


Direct seeding is highly recommended. Sow 1 seed 1" apart and 1/4" deep. Keep soil surface very mist until seedlings emerge. Do not let soil dry out while getting the seeds to germinate. 

Plant Spacing: ~30 plants per foot

Seeds per packet: Approx  300