Amaranthus 'Cascade Mix' Seeds

Amaranthus 'Cascade Mix' Seeds

Amaranthus 'Cascade Mix' Seeds


Amaranthus 'Cascade Mix'

This plant dons beautiful mix of pink and chartreuse tendrils that cascade towards the ground. Growing to about 4 feet tall, these plants make an unique backdrop for your cut flower garden. A wonderful long-lasting flower for your arrangements! 

Plant Type: Annual
Plant:  After last frost
Germination:  7-10 days at 68- 75 F
Height:  3-4 ft
Light Preference:  Full Sun         


Sow 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Barely cover seed. Bottom water or mist to avoid covering seeds with displaced soil. Harden off by growing at 62-65°F and transplant outside after last frost. Or direct seed after last frost, sow thinly, barely covering the seed. 

Plant Spacing: 12-15"   

Seeds per packet: Approx  100