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SEEDS – Formosa Lily Seed


We first discovered this easy to grow, unique Formosa lily growing wild in the ditch next to our house when we first moved to the farm. We collected seed from that one bloom that Fall to see what would happen and now look, we have a massive patch.  The blooms are white with a hint of blush and are pleasantly fragrant. The plants stand approximately 5ft- 6ft tall and they bloom in August when not much else is eager to excel in our hot, humid summers. The blooms are perfect for fresh use or allow the flowers to go to seed for stunning Fall seed pods. We use these pods in our dried bouquets and holiday wreaths. We have found that it is easiest to spread seeds in an open flat to germinate. Keep germination temp around 70 degrees. Plan on about 3-4 weeks for germination. Grow seedlings out to about 4 inches then plant in a perennial bed. Part Shade/Full Sun.  If started early, these lilies will bloom first year but I would plan on year 2 for blooms (just to be safe). They gain in productivity each year. They are very easy keepers. Internet says Hardy to Zone 5. We plant for cut flower production at 12″ spacing…you can go closer however you should then plan to divide around their 3rd or 4th year. Each packet is 1 grams. Approximately 500+ seeds …plenty to get a massive patch started. Sorry, no international shipping.

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