A Spring Favorite~ White Campanula
April 25, 2020
A Spring Favorite~ Pink Campanula
April 25, 2020

A Posy of Garden Roses


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Thank you to everyone for your interest in continuing to support our small farm during this unsual time !! Your support means the world to us !!

For the first time ever, we have decided to ship our blooms directly to you. By purchasing this mixed box of blooms, you are not only supporting us but you will also get to add a bit of sparkle to your home during this time of potential stress.

This box will include a stunning mix of 18 stems of the most fragrant and delicate garden roses coming in from the field throughout the week. Many of our garden roses are heirloom varieties that thrive in our Georgia climate. This allows us to grow them organically (as we do all of our flowers). These beauties are not to be compared to the tight, straight stems tea roses you get from the grocery store. These are much more delicate. We suggest putting a vase of them next to your bedside where their fragrance can really be enjoyed. These roses are a fleeting flower lasting only about 4 days so be sure to keep them on your table until the final petal falls. The beauty in their decline is part of their charm. We harvest and ship there roses in tight bud and we ship them with an ice pack but it’s getting warm here in the south so except those babies to be ready to pop open as soon as you receive them.

Your box of flowers will be shipped this Monday – Thursday, in the order they are received, with overnight delivery. If you are expecting freezing weather, this may not be the option for you. We will be shipping with an ice pack to keep flowers fresh however we will not be protecting them from freezing temperatures. PLEASE NOTE: WE CAN NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA !! ( agriculture laws) .**** IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADDRESSES, YOU WILL NEED TO PLACE SEPERATE ORDERS. Unfort, bc we are very short staffed (aka just Steve) we are unable to include a gift card with these orders at this time. We suggest you dropping a card in the mail to the recipient letting them know you have flowers on the way to them.

Once you receive your flowers, recut the stems and allow them to rehydrate for a few hours before arranging.

Again, we could never thank y’all enough for your support !! We feel like we are the luckiest farmers in world for having such a caring, understanding, and loyal customer in each of you !!

All our love and gratitude,

Steve + Mandy