Rooted Chrysanthemum Cuttings

Our 2024 Mums are available for pre-order and you can shop them here!

Some of the varieties that we will be offering are: Annie Girl, Evan's Dream, Vesuvio, Kermit, Kelvin Mandarin, Kelvin Tattoo, Fort Vancouver, Nijin Bigo, Purple Light, Coral Reef, Crimson Tide, Mancetta Sunset, Saga No Yuki, Seaton's Coffee and Saffina.

What to expect:

Each plug is approximately 3-5 inches tall from the bottom of the roots to the tip of the leaves. This may seem small but you will find that mums are fast and vigorous growers! We sell individual mum varieties in sets of 3. We require a 4 order minimum (a total of 12 mum plugs altogether).