Farm Store Guidelines

Our Farm Store guidelines and appointments have changed! We are now booking appointments by the hour, with 6 guests per hour. Show up anytime during your chosen hour to pickup your order! We are happy to allow more flexibility in our pick up times. This does mean that there will likely be multiple parties at the store at the same time. Please be respectful of other's space. SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MASKS REQUIRED EVEN IF YOU ARE VACCINATED!

Thank you for keeping our space safe for the immuno-compromised!

    • An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is provided at the entrance of the store.
    • Pre-orders can be picked up on the shelves outside of the store. Your order will have your name on the bag or box.
    • If you are unable to pick up your order, please contact as soon as possible. 
    • The Farm Store is Honor System Only. And while we only have a few items on our website for pre-purchase, the Farm Store is full of one-of-a-kind, handmade vases and wood turnings, unique plants, and other items of interest. We only stock items we love and hope that you will too! Additional items can be purchased at the Farm Store using Venmo or Paypal. Instructions can be found on the left door at the entrance. I have also posted a picture below. 

    The store's windows and doors will remain open to provide fresh air circulation and a healthy atmosphere. The whole point of this is to offer a safe place for at-risk people to shop local and we require that all guests act with significant consideration for others. Thank you for understanding!

    If you have any additional questions, please email

    **The Farm Store is the only portion of the farm open. Please do not enter the farm premises. If you have any issue with your order please call 706-352-1534 or 706-224-8773 and we will safely provide you with assistance.**

    Thank you for your partnership in collective compassion for our whole community!

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