Crop Maintenance/Team Support Application

Please review entire job description before filling out the application. Application link is at the bottom on the page.

32-40 hrs/wk THIS IS A SEASONAL POSITION! February to Early June. This is a Paid Position- Pay depending on experience.

This job is focused on crop maintenance in our tunnels specifically but has a variability component as well.  You will be required to help wherever needed for all aspects of our flower farm operation. This is more of a “Jack/Jill of all trades” position where physical strength, adaptability, observational alertness, and a general desire to learn and contribute are the core strengths required. 

Traits required:

  • Reliable/punctual
  • Enthusiastic/eager
  • Good spirited. Easy to work with. Kind
  • Works well with others but happy to work alone
  • Fit/strong
  • Must be capable of carrying 50lb and of using a 40lb backpack regularly.
  • Must know how to operate weed eater + lawnmower 

Experience desired, though not required: 

Handiwork. Mechanical work. Manual labor. Tractor experience. Landscaping experience.


  1. Weekly spray of all tunnels. Anti fungal. Aphid control.  (All organic sprays)
  2. Documenting all spray activity in ledger.
  3. Monitoring operations- plant health, water level, pest pressure, etc. 
  4. Vine harvest/packaging (must be comfortable on ladder)
  5. Versatility.  Help with all tasks when needed. Help cutting flowers.  Help with bunching flowers
  6. Help with packing boxes. Help with supporting plants and occasional weeding. 
  7. Irrigation repair 
  8. Help with plant sale
  9. Drive in posts to put in netting to support plants.
  10. Mowing.  Weed-eating

THIS IS A SEASONAL POSITION! -February to Early June

This is a Paid Position- Pay depending on experience

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about flower farming, managing a small business, or just to be part of a fast paced, flower operation for half a year.  It doesn’t hurt that you’ll be surrounded by beauty every single day.

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