Welcome to our

3 Porch Farm Store

We are beyond thrilled to be able to offer you a safe way to purchase our flowers, plants, seeds, vases, HoneyPops, and other 3 Porch items. Due to Covid, we have decide it best to stay put on the farm and not attend our 3 farmers markets this year. Instead, we have established a little farm store for you to shop by yourself in an open air environment. While we do plan to get back to markets once Covid is under control, for now, we welcome you to come on out to Comer, Ga


MUST READ: You MUST read all of these details before placing an order... In order to go through with this sale, we want everyone placing an order to be completely commited to the rules we have in place and to stay 100% conscientious and considerate of everyone coming after you at pickup and for our farm and employees. We really need everyone to be onboard with the rules. If something doesn't sound good to you, this might not be the option for you. The Main Rule: Safety First ! Mask will be required.


HOW TO ORDER: Items are to be purchased from our Farm Store website...hit the pink button above or below to enter. Once you enter the store, you will asked to schedule an appointment. We have a $20 minimum to reserve your spot. Choose what time works best for you. You can then shop the online store. If you are more interested in shopping the items only in our store (vases and wood wares), you can purchase a giftcard to use while at the store or for a later credit. This will reserve your spot on our calendar. The store will not be fully stocked like at farmers markets so you must preorder any Plants, Flowers or HoneyPops you wish to purchase. The store will be self serve and noone will be on hand to assist you. Please email Rachel if you need assistance. If we can not fill some of your order for some reason, we will contact you to discuss a substitution or we will issue you a refund. If you would like to add to your order after checkout is complete, just send us an email at 3porchfarmstore@gmail.com to avoid the minimum required to check out. Thank you for your patience as we navigate buiness through these wild times!


PICKUP ETIQUETTE: This is for PICK UP ONLY !! No shipping No delivery !! PIckUp will be at 135 Francis Hill Rd. Comer Ga . We have set up our website so that once you check out, you will be required to select a date and a time for which you will arrive. PLEASE BE ON TIME !! We are only allowing 1 car arriving every 20 minutes. If you are late (but we hope you will not be) and you see someone up at the pickup booth, do not get out of your car until they have collected their order and have driven away. Give them their space (more than 6ft!). BE ON TIME to avoid this!! SAFETY FIRST !!! When entering Francis Hill Rd (the dirt road), follow arrows straight down the road and you will see signs guiding you to the pickup location. You will see the farm store on your right. You won't be able to miss it. Thank you all for your constant support during these wild times for us all

The farm will be completely closed off to all visitors. To be clear, NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE FARM!! If you have a question with your order, send us an email at 3porchfarmstore@gmail.com or call Rachel at 706.352.1534. DO NOT ENTER IN THE GATES. We will be serving pickup from afar and will be not be out there to answer questions. Again, #SAFETYFIRST !!!