Shipped Plants || Heirloom Mum cuttings

Shipped Plants || Heirloom Mum cuttings


Choose your own mum adventure!


These are perfect to add to your garden for Fall blooms or if you are building up your personal Chrysanthemum nursery stock. 

Please note these are actual plants and not cut flowers! Each plug is approximately 3-5 inches tall from the bottom of the roots to the tip of the leaves. This may seem small but you will find that mums are fast and vigorous growers!

We unfortunately cannot ship to California, Alaska or Hawaii.

Each order has 3 mum plugs. Below is a description of the varieties:

  • Kelvin Tattoo- 1" pompon shaped blooms. Very productive with strong stems and many blooms per stem. They make every bouquet pop ! A staple on our farm. 
  • Vesuvio- 1.5" white starburst, anemone style blooms. One of our personal favorite varieties to arrange. They put on a real sparkle show.  
  • Kelvin Mandarin- 1- 1.5" pompom shaped blooms. Mandarin orange balls fill the tall, strong stems. Very productive. A staple on our farm.
  • Nijin Bigo-This Irregular incurve variety has golden exterior petals with a soft red color lining the interior. Such a fun one to grow! 
  • Saga No Yuki- Stems of white, feathery flowers. These Brush style blooms add texture galore to any arrangement.
  • Ft. Vancouver- You get petals on petals with this beauty. The exterior of the petals practically shine while the maroon interior of the petals give off warm vibes. Very productive. 
  • Crimson Tide- Shiny, deep red ribbon-like petals with golden touches. This Irregular Incurve will get people talking. She's a beauty !
  • Saffina- One of our all time favorites! Quilled petals of crimson to gold shoot out like fireworks. Tall, strong stems support many blooms per stem.
  • Kermit- These 1 to 1.5" cutie neon green Pompom style blooms add a real pop to bouquets.  Great for Fall or for the holiday season. Productive.
  • Purple Light- Large, anemone style blooms. Flower color starts as a lovely fuchsia but fades into a softer, lavender color over time. 
  • Evan's Dream- Our personal favorite Spider mum. The lovely pink petals with white to yellow centers transition well from Fall to holiday season. Large flowers on study stems. We can never grow enough of this variety. 
  • Mancetta Sunset- Daisy-like, Anemone style blooms with red to bronze petals and a popping yellow center. Very Productive.
  • Coral Reef- Such a lovely Spider mum variety . Gold to Orange to Red petals stretch out creating a real star burst. Strong, sturdy stems.

THESE WILL SHIP TUESDAY, May 30TH and arrive to you on THURSDAY, JUNE 1ST. We will ship these via FedEx 2 Day. Mums are packed with a biodegradable (and reusable!) ice pack to ensure the plants don't get too hot while in transit. The "plastic" sleeves the mums come in are also compostable. It is possible for your plants to look stressed upon opening but please go ahead and pot them up and give them some water and a few days in the shade to adjust and perk up!

Mums are easily propagated from cuttings. We will include a care card and a link to our 'How To Take Mum Cuttings' video with every order. 

How to take care of your plants:

  • Please be sure to take your plants out of the box asap. Plant them in your favorite potting soil, set them in a shady area and give them a good drink of water.  They do not need to be potted up if you are planting directly in a tunnel but do pinch back shortly after planting. Allow them to recover from their stressful journey. Protect them from extreme conditions like high temperatures and direct sun when you unpack them. They need a few days to adjust to direct sun.
  • Find a sun filled spot to plant them. You can plant them in a sunny part of the garden or in tunnels for Fall flower production. 
  • Mums should be spaced 1.5-2 feet apart.
  • Protect from frost in the Fall as they are usually in full bloom during Frost conditions. 
  • In order to overwinter these varieties, plants will need to be protected from deep freezes. We suggest digging them up and storing them in a pot in a greenhouse, garage, or other protected space.