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May 16, 2020
Herb Garden Collection: 12 PLANTS
May 22, 2020

Hellebores Collection: 4 PLANTS


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For the first time ever, we are shipping some of our favorite plants to you for your garden !!! Gardening seems to be helping a lot of folks maintain a healthy and optimistic outlook these days. Gardening is my go-to mental health medicine. Now is the perfect time to dig in !

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to California due to Agriculture Laws

This order is for a mix of 4 Hellebore plants . A few varieties that may be in your box include… Ice N Roses (we have 6 different colors of Ice N Roses), Confetti Cake, Bridesmaid, Pink Frost, Joker, Maestro, First Dance, Spanish Flare, True Love, Rio Carnival, Cinnamon Snow, and Flower Girl. All of these are stunning ! This mix will keep you oooing and ahhhing in early Spring.

These plants are 1 year old and should flower for you this Winter. They will come in a 5 inch pot and will be ready to plant out. Plant in Full to Part Shade. Hellebores grow best in soil that is rich with organic matter and well-drained soil. A woodland setting is perfect as deer do not disturb them. They are very easy to grow with minimal inputs and are drought tolerant. Perfect for Zones 4 – 9.

Thank you for your support and for experimenting with us as we try and find news ways to reach our customers while maintaining social distance during these extra wild times for us all !!

Love, Mandy + Steve