We are "Certified Naturally Grown" (same standards as USDA Organic), yet our commitment to sustainable farming goes far beyond that. All 3 of our farm vehicles run on waste vegetable oil that we recycle from restaurants in Athens. Since April 4th 2012, we are entirely solar powered!! We keep adding panels as our infrastructure grows and to date we have almost 20 KW of solar panels, which provide enough electricity to supply the needs of the entire farm plus our house, and still quite a bit extra to feed back into the grid. Our goal is to be as close to carbon neutral as possible and to use the farm as an opportunity to put all of our best ethics into practice. Planet before profit is our operating principal. Though sustainably grown fruit is difficult to pull off in the south, we are currently experimenting with a variety of hearty and delicious apples, plums, pears, peaches, nectarines and more. The farm is lush with strawberries and blueberries that we harvest at peak ripeness to the delight of our customers at the Athens Farmers Market and Freedom Farmers Market (in Atlanta) on Saturdays. And while we love growing fruit, our true passion is flowers! Our relationship with flowers keeps growing and growing and this year will be an abundant one as we have planted more than ever! Each year our love for growing and designing with flowers expands and our farm grows in tandem with that love. We've added hundreds of rose bushes and peonies, thousands of dahlias and ranunculus, and a myriad of other varieties for every season. We'll also be continuing to produce our fantastically delicious popsicles (HoneyPops) made with just our fruit and local honey, so you can have a sweet dessert treat on a hot Georgia morning and actually be eating a healthy breakfast at the same time. We have the good fortune of living on an amazing farm with a little under 9 acres of gorgeous landscaping, constantly in bloom, and filled with wildlife. It is our great pleasure to spend our years working together to bring something positive to an already wonderful community.


What's In A Name?

To Mandy and I, the thought of the South is always deeply entangled with the culture and imagery of the porch. In many ways, porch culture has thinned out a bit in the era of conditioned air, but it is still an inherent part of southern culture and history and remains a romantic and charming part of what draws us to the South. A porch, a couple chairs, a banjo, a cold drink, fireflies and crickets, lightning in the distance and a slight breeze through the Pecan leaves to cool you ever so slightly or at least take the edge off the summer heat . . . beats T.V. anyday.

When we set out to purchase land and start a farm, we had a fairly modest amount of savings to do it with and had prepared ourselves for living in a tent and working the land for quite some time. Somehow, we had the amazing fortune to find a beautiful piece of property that not only had a home we could afford, but it also had 3 porches. A front porch, a back porch and a sleeping porch. We were, and still are, elated. It is a rare day when we use A.C., so a great deal of our non-work life is situated on a porch. Smoothie breaks during the heat of the day, the occasional meal with friends, and that two hours before dusk after the Saturday market in which we gratefully squeeze in a "weekend." Virtually all of our farm planning and appreciation takes place on a porch. We can overlook the expanse of the farm, watch the animals forage, hunt, and play and be inspired enough to step off again and get back to work. For these reasons and a few more, we are 3 Porch Farm.